For those who get started with Azure, It can be difficult to understand what are the options or network components available in Azure Cloud. Objective of this short post blog is to summarize in one picture Azure Networking components and their purpose.

Updated : 08/14/19 with VNet Peering & VNet-to-VNet

Azure Networking in one picture !

If you need more details :

Interconnect an on-premises Datacenter with Azure
VPN Site to Site :

VPN Point to Site for remote users :

ExpressRoute :

Corporate WAN
Azure Virtual WAN :

Interconnect 2 VNets

Configure a VNet-to-VNet VPN gateway connection

Virtual network peering

VNet Peering

Monitoring and troubleshooting
Azure Network Watcher :

Azure Network Watcher

Secure Internet Access
Azure Firewall :

Azure Firewall

Network Virtual Appliance :

Virtual Network
Virtual Network :
SubNet :
Network Security Group :
Public IP :
Azure DDoS Protection :

Azure DDoS Protection Standard

Virtual Network Interface Card :

Azure Network Interface

Web Application Firewall and Load Balancing
Azure Application Gateway :

Azure Application Gateway

Azure Front Door :
Network Virtual Appliance :

Example of an architecture with a NVA

Azure Load Balancer :

Azure Load Balancer

Azure Traffic Manager :

DNS zone management
Azure DNS :

Content Delivery Network
Azure CDN :


— Stanislas Quastana —

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