Microsoft Build 2019 is now finished and a lot of videos of sessions has been published by Microsoft. I selected here some that are really nice to watch if you are interested by Kubernetes running on Azure.

Fundamentals of Kubernetes on Microsoft Azure and the road ahead – BRK3038

“Companies of all sizes and industries are embracing containers and Kubernetes to deliver mission-critical applications with greater agility in the development, test, and deployment cycles.  In this session, we will discuss where we are heading with Kubernetes on Azure, share the most common scenarios and best practices derived from real customer use cases, and demo serverless Kubernetes, one of the application patterns that you can achieve through Kubernetes on Azure. Join us if you are starting in the Kubernetes journey and interested to know the frontier of this space!”

New Things in AKS – BDL2019

Hear about the newest releases in AKS, from the experts

End to end application development and DevOps on Azure Kubernetes Service – BRK3039

“By itself, Kubernetes is not necessarily a developer-friendly platform. Building, deploying, and testing microservice-oriented applications involves a lot of manual work and copious amounts of YAML. Thankfully, Azure has the tools you need and makes Kubernetes approachable and productive for developers. In this session, we’ll cover how to design and build microservice applications that can run on the Azure Kubernetes Service, including how to navigate from an app to a container to a Helm package and how to deploy into Kubernetes in a continuous way using Azure DevOps. We’ll also cover how you can use Azure Dev Spaces to develop an app that includes a couple of microservices to one which includes dozens or hundreds.”

Service Mesh on AKS the future is now – CFS3020

“The presentation introduces the journey that we have faced and challenged in adopting widely distributed software systems and Microservices-based architectures in our project. Firstly, we focus on how a full-blown service mesh solution fixes perfectly into our hard use cases in the real world Microservices project. Secondly, we show you how can we resolve interesting challenges such as connect, secure, control and observe services with Istio on the powerful Azure cloud platform with a fully managed AKS. Lastly, we give you a practical understandable demo which puts it all together, to sum up, what we did.”

Serverless Kubernetes KEDA and Azure Functions – PRE14

“Learn about the exciting new features for Azure Kubernetes which bring event driven and serverless to Kubernetes. Understand AKS Virtual Nodes and how they can unlock serverless containers, and see KEDA in action which brings event driven scaling to any Kubernetes cluster. We’ll go through building an Azure Function in Visual Studio Code, publishing it to Kubernetes with KEDA, and watching it scale within Kubernetes the same way the function would scale in the Azure Functions service.”

Stanislas Quastana

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