You can now explore my GitHub vs DevOps Mindmap to better understand differences and similarities between GitHub and Azure DevOps.

If you need to spend more time on specific subjects (click on image to display a full screen SVG file more readable), you can use the additional links below (articles and videos)

Additional information, useful links :

== GitHub ==

Organizations and teams

Inviting users to join your organization

Managing team synchronization for your organization

GitHub CLI

GitHub Terraform Provider

Viewing whether users in your organization have 2FA enabled

Github Security

GitHub Advanced Security

GitHub Support levels

Enabling repository search in GitHub Enterprise Server

Using SAML

Using LDAP

Managing allowed IP addresses for your organization

GitHub Actions

Understanding GitHub Actions

GitHib Runners

GitHub Actions Virtual Environments

About self-hosted runners

GitHub Planning

GitHub Packages

GitHub Integrations

Learning Lab

GitHub Help

Github codespaces

=== Azure DevOps ===

How many organizations do you need?

Get started with Azure DevOps CLI

Azure DevOps provider

About security, authentication, and authorization

About Microsoft Security Code Analysis

Azure DevOps Support

Azure DevOps

Azure DevOps Server documentation

Azure Repos

Key concepts for new Azure Pipelines users

Use a Microsoft-hosted agent

What is Azure Boards?

Azure Artifacts

Extensions for Azure DevOps

Microsoft Learn Azure DevOps

Azure DevOps documentation

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