I made this lexicon during my preparation of Microsoft Cybersecurity Architect exam (SC-100) and I hope you will find it useful !!!

ABAC: Atttribute-Based Access Control
ADFS : Active Directory Federation Service
AIR : Automated Investigation and Remediation
AM : Asset Management
AMSI : Antimalware Scan Interface
ASB : Azure Security Benchmark
ASIM : Advanced Security Information Model
ASR : Attack Surface Reduction
BC : Business Continuity
BYOK : Bring Your Own Key
C2: Command & Control
CA : Certificate Authority
CERT : Computer Emergency Response Team
CIAM : Customer Identity and Access Management
CIEM : Cloud Infrastructure Entitlement Management
CIM : Common Information Model
CIS : Center of Internet Security
CISO : Chief Information Security Officer
CMK : Customer Managed Key
CNAPP : Cloud-Native Application Protection Platform
CSRF : Cross-Site Request Forgery
CSPM : Cloud Security Posture Management
CTI : Cyber Threat Intelligence
CWP : Cloud Workload Protection
DAC : Discretionary Access Control
DART : Detection And Response Team
DEP : Data Encryption Policy
DEM : Device Enrollment Manager
DKE : Double Key Encryption
DLP : Data Loss Protection
DMZ : Demilitarized Zone (perimetered network)
DP : Data Protection
DPI : Data Packet Inspection
DR : Disaster Recovery
EDM : Exact Data Match
EDR : Endpoint Detection and Response
HumOR : Human Operated Ransomware
EFS : Encrypted File System
EPP : Endpoint Protection Platforms
GDPR : General Data Protection Regulation
GRC : Governance, Risk, Compliance
HIDS : Host-based intrusion system
HIPAA : Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act
HYOK : Host Your Own Key
IAST : Interactive Application Security Testing
IdP : Identity Provider
IDPS : Intrusion Detection and Prevension Systems
IoCs : Indicators of Compromise
IPS : Intrusion Prevension System
IRM : Information Right Management
ISAC : Information Sharing and Analysis Center
KPI : Key Performance Indicators
LAPS : Local Administrator Password Solution
MAC : Mandatory Access Control
MAM : Mobile Application Management
MCRA : Microsoft Cybersecurity Reference Architecture
MCSB : Microsoft Cloud Security Benchmark
MDI : Microsoft Defender for Identity
MDM : Mobile Device Management
MDR : Managed Detection and Response
MFA : Multi Factor Authentication
MSP : Managed Service Provider
MSSP : Managed Security Service Provider
MTTA : Meam Time To Acknowledge
MMTD : Mean Time To Detection
MTTR : Mean Time to Remediate/Recover
NGFW : Next-Generation Firewall
NIST : National Institute of Standards and Technologies
NDR : Network Detection and Response
NPIS : Network-based Intrusion Prevention System
NRT : Near Real Time
OME : Office 365 Message Encryption
OSA : Operational Security Assurance
OSINT : Open-source intelligence
OWASP : Open Web Application Security Project
PAM : Privileged Account/Account Management
PCI : Payment Card Industry
PETE model : Prepare-Enter-Traverse-Execute
PFS : Perfect Forward Secrecy
PHI : Protected Health Information
PII : Personally -Indentifiable Information
PIM : Privileged Identity Management
PKI : Public Key Infrastructure
PSD2 : Payment Services Directive 2
PV : Posture and Vulnerability Management
RaMP : Rapid Modernization Plan
RBA : Risk-Based Alerting
RMS : Right Management Service/Server
SAS : Shared Access Signature
SAST : Static Application Security Testing
SASE : Secure Access Service Edge
SCA : Secure Customer Authentication
SCIM : System for Cross-Domain Identity Management
SCT : Security Compliance Toolkit
SDL : Security Development Livecycle
SIEM : Security Information and Event Management
SIRP : Security Incident Response Platform
SIT :  Sensitive Information Type
SGX : Software Guard Extensions
SMK : Service Managed Key
SOAR : Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response
SOC : Security Operation Center = Security Operation Team
SRP : Software Restriction Policies
SSDF : Secure Software Development Framework (NIST SP 800-218)
SSTP : Secure Socket Tunneling Protocol
SSE : Storage Service Encryption
SSO : Single Sign On
STIX : Structured Threat Information Expression
STRIDE : Spoofing, Tampering, Repudiation, Information Disclosure, Denial of service, Elevation of Privilege
STIX : Structured Threat Information Expression
TAP : Terminal Access Point
TAXII : Trusted Automated Exchange of Intelligence Information
TIP : Threat Intelligence Platform
TDE : Transparent Data Encryption
TPM : Trusted Platform Module
TVM: Threat and Vulnerability Management
UEBA : User and Entity Behavior Analytics
WAF : Web Application Firewall
WDAC : Windows Defender Application Control
XDR : Extended Detection and Response
XSS : Cross-Site Scripting

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